The results of the 2023 edition of the National Outcomes Program (PNE), the annual report produced by the National Agency for Regional Health Services (Agenas) on mandate from the Ministry of Health, have been published and available online.

For over a decade now, the PNE has represented an observatory on hospital care which, through the analysis of the variability of processes and outcomes between providers and between population groups, allows the monitoring of proven effective treatments and the production of epidemiological evidence. on the existing interactions between organizational structures, delivery methods and healthcare performances, with the aim of detecting any critical issues to be subjected to targeted audit activities.

The volume, which refers to the healthcare activity carried out in the year 2022 by approximately 1400 public and private hospitals, and to that relating to the period 2015-22 for the reconstruction of temporal trends, is created by Agenas in close collaboration with the Department of Epidemiology of the Lazio Regional Health Service and with the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, and in collaboration with the Regions and Autonomous Provinces, the central institutions, the scientific community and civil society.

To consult the PNE 2023, please refer to the official web page of the Agenas website.