In Italy, in 2017, 369,000 new cases of tumor are estimated: 192,000 among males and 177,000 among females.

Due to the strong spread of smoke among Italians women, the diagnosis of lung cancer in female population is high: 13,600 in 2017 (+ 49% in ten years). Among the tumors growing in both sexes are those of the pancreas, thyroid and melanoma.

In contrast, stomach and colorectal cancers appear to fall due to the greater extension of screening programs.
Today more than 3 million and three hundred thousand citizens (3,304,648) live after the diagnosis, even 24% more than in 2010.
In addition, a confirmation: cancer hits more in Northern Italy, but in the South people survive less.

Read the report AIOM-AIRTUM "The cancer numbers in Italy - 2017"