"What good is it to treat people and then leave them in the conditions that have made them sick?" Michael Marmot made the question, simple but far from trivial, at the opening of the conference "Italy for the equity in health ", held in Rome on 1st December at the National Institute for the Health Promotion of Migrant Populations and the Fight against Poverty Diseases (INMP).

On this occasion the report "Italy for equity in health" was presented, as the result of the collaboration between INMP, National Agency for National Health Services (AGENAS), Istituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS), Italian Agency of the drug (AIFA).

The paper presents the main data on health inequalities in Italy, taking stock of the various factors that determine the health disadvantages caused by social, cultural and economic conditions, to which is added the historical gap between northern and southern Italy. Lifestyles, safety, environmental and occupational risks, psychosocial discomfort and access to care are placed under the lens.

This is not, however, a conclusive report. "Italy for equity in health" intends to become a shared platform from which to start a debate open to policy makers and stakeholders involved in the fight against health inequalities as well as representatives of social partners and civil society.

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