Awarded in conjunction with the World Day of Asbestos Victims (28 April), the "Eternot Nursery Prize" is dedicated to individuals, organizations and administrations who have distinguished themselves in their commitment to the care, research and dissemination of information, as well as in significant reclamation actions, social and legal battles relating to the damage caused by asbestos.

From the beginning of its activity, the CPO, on behalf of the Piedmont Region and the ASL of the then district 76, carried out epidemiological studies in the Casale Monferrato district under the responsibility of Benedetto Terracini. The investigations were carried out by Corrado Magnani, with the active collaboration of many CPO researchers, in particular Dario Mirabelli and Daniela Ferrante.

It should be noted that - in addition to the correctness of formal research (work cohort study, counting of disease cases caused by non-work environmental exposures) - the results of the studies carried out by the CPO on the extent of the role of individual susceptibility to mesothelioma and on the dose ratio response to exposure to asbestos - have great universal value.

Among the eleven recipients of this year's award is Corrado Magnani. Together with him the following were awarded:

  • Renato Balduzzi, expert in constitutional health law and healthcare law, former Minister of Health;
  • Elio Carmi, designer (in memory);
  • Elisabetta Casalone, researcher;
  • College of Surveyors of Casale Monferrato;
  • Pietro Comba, research director of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità;
  • Esther Gatti, lawyer;
  • Federica Grosso, oncologist;
  • Minibus Amico ODV;
  • Doris Vizia, Patronato INCA employee;
  • Giovanna Zanellato, AFEVA founding member.


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