The Cancer Piedmont Registry covered the population of the city of Turin (906 874 inhabitants at 31.12.2011) from 1985 to 2007, expanding from 2008 the scope of observation to the entire population of the Metropolitan Area of Turin (2,247,780 inhabitants), by producing the data of incidence and mortality up to 2012 and survival data to 2015.

As a result the observation period for the city of Turin is currently 27 years. Trends in incidence, mortality and survival can be assessed for a very long time. Additionally, the prevalence can be calculated with 27 years of observation that, with good approximation, corresponds to the actual prevalence.

For this reason, the data of the city of Turin are included among those of the Metropolitan Area, but are also presented separately in this section.

All the indicators are presented in graphics and standard tables for each cancer site. The age-specific rates can be found in separate tables. Methods and indicators can be found at the bottom of the list.
The tables and the texts are in English to facilitate the consultation of data well beyond the national scope.