Founded in 1965 by Enrico Anglesio, the Piemonte Cancer Registry (RTP) produced incidence estimates back to years 1965-69 that, in the light of subsequent knowledge, now seem surprisingly reliable. Technical difficulties related to the type and cost of registration, at that time completely manual, stopped that experience. It was then resumed on firmer ground in 1985, at the beginning limited to the resident population of Torino, then later extended to the province of Biella, now being extended to the provinces of Torino and Vercelli.

RTP was confirmed in its function by the Piemonte Region with a regional law in 2012 (L.R. n. 4, 11.04.2012) operating in compliance with the Italian law on data protection.

The information sources used by the RTP are different: medical records, archives of pathology laboratories, hospital discharge records, death certificates and any other information source useful for identifying and defining cases. The registered data include information on site, histological type, cancer stage and diagnostic modalities. In addition to the cancer case registration, the RTP carries out periodic follow up of cases and monitors the life status in order to calculate survival from cancer.

The publication "The impact of tumors in Piedmont" illustrates the path taken by the Piedmont Cancer Registry over fifty years of activity, through data and results.

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