The new communication campaign of the regional cancer screening program Prevenzione Serena officially started on November 13th. The initiative is focused on the appropriateness and quality of the paths offered by the program in all its phases.

The CPO has made a great effort to illustrate the motivations underlying the protocols offered, i.e. the scientific evidence and the balance between disadvantages and benefits, in the belief that it is a right of the citizens involved to know the criteria based on which the quality of the service is defined; only in this way, in fact, is it possible to make an informed decision, not only on joining the regional program, but also on the choice between organized population screening and the possible private use.

The design phase was carried out during the pandemic and was delayed due to changes in screening protocols. This particular circumstance has made clear the need to adopt new communication methods through tools and methods that are as dematerialized as possible through new channels.

For this reason, from today Prevenzione Serena opens up to social media, initially with planned messaging through regional channels, and then arriving at constant coverage through dedicated accounts.