This report, now in its third edition, presents the results of Prevenzione Serena, the Piedmont Region’s organized population program of cancer screening.

In the first section the document provides a commented report on the performance indicators of breast, cervical and colorectal cancer screening in relation to the activity of 2014, for which consolidated information is available. It also presents preliminary data of activity of 2015, which will be consolidated in next year.

In the second section, some current issues in the prevention of cancer, in which the Piedmontese screening plays an important role, are discussed. In particular, certain aspects of the program Prevenzione Serena are described.
Finally, the third section puts the reader's attention on the research projects and the dissemination of knowledge about the most viable screening strategies. These studies are conducted in the context of the program and impact on its effectiveness, efficiency and quality and at the same time play a role in the international production of scientific evidence with respect to the introduction of new technologies in organized screening programs.

Prevenzione Serena is fertile ground for scientific progress, innovation and improvement of prevention and assistance not only regionally, but also nationally and internationally. The organized screening program offers to all citizens, regardless of socioeconomic status, a performance that is effective, appropriate and subject to quality control and continuous improvement processes, as well as resulting from a rigorous comparison of the benefits and possible side effects.