Slides of the talks given by the speakers invited to the workshop "The nine months that change your life", that took place in Torino on October, 28, 2014, in cooperation with the Fondazione Fondo Ricerca e Talenti, are now available online.

Files are password-protected. You can obtain the password by writing to: 

Interventions of the speakers

  • Mediation and life course epidemiology: challenges and examples - Bianca De Stavola
  • The most recent Italian birth cohort: "Piccolipiù" - Sara Farchi
  • The first nine months and childhood obesity - Deborah Lawlor
  • Birth cohort research in Italy - Lorenzo Richiardi
  • Child health effects of the economic crisis - Matteo Richiardi
  • Pregnancy complications and conditions and respiratory health - Franca Rusconi
  • The Exposome. Implementation in birth cohort studies - Martine Vrijheid