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NewsYear: 2023

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The new edition of the report has been presented, which for thirteen years has served as a valuable support tool for the National Health Service, the Ministry of Health and cancer patients, united in pursuing the best prevention, treatment and assistance practices.

The results of the 2023 edition of the National Outcomes Program, the annual report created by Agenas on mandate from the Ministry of Health, have been published and available online.

The ranking of the academic platform places Carlotta Sacerdote among the top 400 best scientists worldwide based on the number of publications and citations received.

On the occasion of the Autumn Conference of the Italian Association of Epidemiology, the 2023 Leonardo Ventura Prize was awarded to Chiara Moccia.

You have until December 10th to register for the course organized by the Italian Association of Epidemiology whose objective is to apply epidemiology to the emergency scenarios outlined by humanitarian crises.

The results of the START study have just been published in JAMA Network Open, which since 2015 has followed over 900 patients with a new diagnosis of low-risk prostate cancer.

The Autumn 2023 Conference of the Italian Association of Epidemiology will take place in Rome on 13 and 14 November, the focus of which will be artificial intelligence.

Scheduled for October 19th is the webinar dedicated to new therapeutic standards and updates on mesothelioma therapy organized by the Giovanni Scansetti Interdepartmental Center.