Turin is hosting the biennial congress of the International Cancer Screening Network this year (ICSN): the appointment is at the Arsenale della Pace - SERMIG from 21 to 23 June.

The ICSN is an important moment for discussion with colleagues from all over the world on the most innovative screening methods, collaborative research projects and new cancer prevention strategies.

The event program is particularly rich and interesting and will address the themes of personalized screening based on risk, new tests for the early diagnosis of multiple tumors, integration between primary and secondary prevention, screening for new tumor pathologies such as prostate and lung, new approaches to improve early diagnosis, attention to the most disadvantaged population groups, the importance of information and communication with the population, monitoring, evaluation and Quality Assurance in organized programs.

>> For all the detailed information, the program and registrations, please refer to the official ICSN2023 website.