The world of epidemiology came together on March 12th, 2021, to celebrate the ninetieth birthday of Professor Benedetto Terracini, one of the founders of Italian epidemiology and its greatest advocate, as well as the first co-ordinator of the Referral Centre for Epidemiology and Cancer Prevention in Piedmont - CPO Piemonte.

In his own speech, Professor Terracini retraced his professional and personal story, his academic and social commitments, and the struggles in the defence of the health and rights of workers and the most vulnerable in society.

  • The celebratory book, containing all the speeches of the participants, the messages and gifts received, the history of the Terracini family, accompanied by a precious iconographic apparatus, is available online.
    Attention: both the general index, on p. 3, and the index of contributions, on p. 233-35, are interactive, allowing the selection of contents by clicking on the corresponding page number.
  • On the CPO Piemonte's YouTube channel:
    • both Professor Terracini's speech
    • and the full version of the event are available. 
      Attention: the languages in this video are: Italian, English and Spanish. You can select subtitles in Italian or English from YouTube options. You can also access the index from "Show more" and select individual speeches.