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The sixth Mobilitaria Report 2023 was presented and was drawn up by the Kyoto Club together with the CNR - Institute on Atmospheric Pollution. The document is available online,

Registration is open for the courses of the specialist week, the detailed programs of which can be consulted online on the European Educational Program in Epidemiology website.

What is the the best interval for screening mammography for women aged 45-49? The MISS study, which is starting in Piedmont, intends to help find an answer to this question.

The annual conference of the Italian Association of Epidemiology, entitled "Epidemiology on the move, present emergencies, future challenges", takes place in Pisa from 19 to 21 April.

The new edition of the report has been presented, which for twelve years has served as a valuable support tool for the National Health Service, the Ministry of Health and cancer patients, united in pursuing the best prevention, treatment and assistance practices.